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The former archbishop George Carey and former bishop Michael Nazir-Ali have launched a campaign called Not Ashamed, calling on Christians in the UK to stand up for their supposedly threatened freedoms.

'The Church…', says Carey 'is definitely under attack'. The legacy of Christian Britain is being undermined, he says, and 'the Christian faith is in danger of being stealthily and subtly swept aside'.

The campaign leaders call on Christians to sign a declaration asking British authorities to promote traditional Christian values, wear the badge and tell all their friends about it.

The campaign seems designed to appeal to two groups. On the one hand there are those nostalgic for the powerful state church of earlier centuries to impose a version of Christianity on the whole state.  On the other hand, it will doubtless attract those with no theocratic ambitions, but who as churchgoers feel like a beleaguered minority and so are easy to inspire with fear.

It is strikingly similar to the rhetoric of the more fiery atheists, who talk of fighting for survival while calling for the state to impose their anti-creed by law.

It's good not to be ashamed, but how about another campaign aimed at both sides: Not afraid.