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So they say

Thou shalt commit adultery.
A misprint in a 1631 Bible published by the royal printers Barker and Lucas. On discovering the error King Charles I summoned them to the Star Chamber, revoked their licence, and fined them £300. A copy now costs $99,500.

That's a sin.
The work and pensions secretary Ian Duncan Smith, on the fact that one in five households have been out of work during a long economic boom.

You're not allowed to bring a lawyer, there's no jury, there's no appeal … Why people would want to believe their God is this way, I don't know.
The atheist journalist Christopher Hitchens on the day of judgment. He recently won a debate with Tony Blair on whether religion was a force for good, albeit adding that 'Without [a sense of the numinous] we are really merely primates. It is important to appreciate the finesse of that.'

The Simpsons are among the few TV programmes for children in which Christian faith, religion, and questions about God are recurrent themes … Few people know it, and he does everything he can to hide it, but it is true: Homer J Simpson is a Catholic.
Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano