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Faith in Practice

Growing in hope

Interview with José Henriquez

READ MORE Published March 2011

Growing in hope

Interview with Margaret Laloyo

READ MORE Published January 2011

Food for Thought

Interview with Sheila Dillon

READ MORE Published December 2010

Independent but approved

Interview with Kathleen Griffin

READ MORE Published November 2010

If the kids are united...

Interview with Rhidian Brook

READ MORE Published October 2010

A new challenge

Interview with Joel Edwards

READ MORE Published September 2010

Walking the talk

Interview with Dan Walker of Football Focus

READ MORE Published July 2010

A rare species

Interview with Michael Meacher MP about the scientific meaning of life

READ MORE Published June 2010

Man of Standing

Interview with Stephen Lloyd MP

READ MORE Published May 2010

Being not doing

A philosophy graduate, Rebecca Elliott took an unusual route to becoming a children’s author and illustrator. Her latest book, commended by luminaries like Jacqueline Wilson, describes the relationship between her children, one of whom has severe cerebral palsy.

READ MORE Published April 2010