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Faith in Practice

That was enough

Interview with PC Rachel Andrews of the Paedophile Unit

READ MORE Published March 2010

In their midst

Interview with Tracey Bateson, army chaplain

READ MORE Published January 2010

A taste for teaching

Interview with Kevin Woodford

READ MORE Published November 2009

Principled economics

Interview with Andrew DIlnot

READ MORE Published November 2009

Fine lines and fickle things

Dave Strafford talks about being a Christian musician

READ MORE Published October 2009

Making a fuss

The most frugal MP

READ MORE Published July 2009

Rushing to save the world

Interview by Huw Spanner

READ MORE Published May 2009

Share and shares alike

Patrick Hynes of Oikocredit: offering loans in the developing world

READ MORE Published April 2009

Intercourse discourse

Aged 16, Andrew Rosetta was planting churches and Christian Unions. Aged 23 he was being paid to have sex. Now he works with another union, representing workers in the sex industry worldwide.

READ MORE Published March 2009

Not the last word

A former nun, Karen Armstrong became dissatisfied with religious dogma. Following well-received books on comparative religion, she hopes to make religion a force for good with the Charter for Compassion.

READ MORE Published January 2009