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Faith in Practice

The speed of light

Christine Ohuruogu, the only British athlete to win a Gold medal in a track or field event in the Beijing Olympics, talks to Third Way.

READ MORE Published December 2008

Not playing games

ROGER* was once a Methodist Minister but now works for Open Doors, a charity that serves persecuted Christians worldwide, including those in China, whom he has visited several times.

READ MORE Published September 2008

Taking nothing for granted

The Freecycle Network is made up of 4,343 groups with 4,994,000 members across the globe. A pioneer of the movement in the UK, HAZEL ROETHENBAUGH is now the media officer responsible for raising its profile in the UK.

READ MORE Published June 2008

Spoken in jest

After a modest beginning playing Irish rock in Chicago coffee houses, the singer- songwriter MICHAEL McDERMOTT went on to hit the US Billboard charts and tour with Van Morrison.

READ MORE Published May 2008

On the edge of a goal

Now a football pundit and television presenter, GAVIN PEACOCK's career as a player spanned more than 20 years, retiring in 2002 from the team where he began, QPR.

READ MORE Published April 2008