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High Profile

The high lights

Third Way inaugurated its High Profile series of in-depth interviews in May 1993, with a rather formal examination of the then Lord Chancellor. Here are some of the most illuminating moments from over 240 hours of conversation since.

READ MORE Published April 2016

Sister traveller

Interview with Gloria Steinem

READ MORE Published March 2016

Mightier than the pen?

Interview with Natalie Bennett

READ MORE Published January 2016

Cracking the whip

Interview with Andrew Mitchell

READ MORE Published December 2015

Northern Soul

Interview with Paul Mason

READ MORE Published November 2015

Down on Jollity Farm

Interview with Michael Eavis CBE

READ MORE Published August 2015

Far Sighted?

Interview with Jeremy Corbyn MP

READ MORE Published June 2015

Hegel don't bother me!

Interview with Professor Slavoj Zizek

READ MORE Published June 2015

Solid good sense

Interview with Francesca Martinez

READ MORE Published June 2015

Cross examined?

Interview with Jeremy Paxman

READ MORE Published April 2015