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High Profile

The Bright Side

Interview with Bjørn Lomborg

READ MORE Published March 2011

A Duty of Care

Interview with Jon Cruddas

READ MORE Published January 2011

Surface Tension

Interview with William Gibson

READ MORE Published December 2010

Do We Copy?

Interview with Susan Blackmore

READ MORE Published November 2010

Mortar the Point

Interview with Stanley Hauerwas

READ MORE Published October 2010

Natural Lore

Interview with Margaret Atwood

READ MORE Published September 2010

Life's a problem

Inteview with the agony aunt Virginia Ironside

READ MORE Published July 2010

Nuggets of Gold

Inteview with Paulo Coelho

READ MORE Published June 2010

Changing Roles

Interview with Michael Gove MP, shadow minister for children, schools and families

READ MORE Published May 2010

Hard to place

When it was reported that Rod Liddle was on course to become editor of the Independent, there was a great storm of protest. Third Way met him in a safe haven in central London. Most of the expletives have been deleted.

READ MORE Published April 2010