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High Profile

Pink and Purple

Interview with Gene Robinson

READ MORE Published March 2009

Self Exposure

Sam Taylor-Wood is celebrated for the exquisite but frequently disturbing images she creates. Third Way spoke to her at the White Cube gallery in London while her latest exhibition, 'Yes I No', was being installed downstairs.

READ MORE Published December 2008

Demanding change

Once, Bianca Jagger made headlines as a member of the jet set. Today, she flies the globe as a campaigner for human rights and chair of the World Future Council. Third Way was lucky to catch her at her central London pied-a-terre.

READ MORE Published September 2008

Right is might

Khalid Mish'al is widely regarded as the most senior figure in Hamas, the Islamist resistance movement that two years ago won a landslide victory in the Palestinian general election. Third Way found him at home in Damascus.

READ MORE Published July 2008

God's translator

Dr Francis Collins led the international team that in 2003 finally spelt out the genetic recipe from which our bodies are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'. Third Way got him to the phone.

READ MORE Published June 2008

Starting afresh

Eleven weeks into his new job as leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Nick Clegg was in a ruminative mood when Third Way spoke to him in his office in the Palace of Westminster.

READ MORE Published May 2008

Positive spin

On stage, Ben Elton has been known to deliver 10,000 revolutions a minute, but the man they called 'Motormouth' was just ticking over quietly when Third Way met him over a latte in west London.

READ MORE Published April 2008